Every guitarist regardless of their playing levels (beginner, intermediate or advanced) must have heard about or seen a looper pedal before. A looper pedal is a very interesting device that introduces versatility, creativity and fun into your playing. It enables you to create and record sounds, tunes or chord sequences and play it over and over again in a loop for as many times as you want it either alone as a composed beat or another tune or chord can be played over it, making the already recorded one sound like a backing track. Looper pedals come in different sizes with the bigger ones carrying many other different functions. Before you consider buying a looper pedal, read this article to find out six things you should consider.

Every guitarist should have one or more of these amazing devices for many reasons asides the fact that they are very useful and make your playing more interesting.

Helps you create your own backing tracks

Instead of relying on a backing track which may not readily be available, a looper will help you create your own backing tracks as you can record as many parts of your guitar as you want, change tones and maybe add some effects. After creating your own sound, you can save it until you need it again.

Enhances your live performance

If you’re a solo guitarist, having a looper pedal would make you sound like a complete band; you can build up your phrases one at a time until you get a rich and full sound like an entire band – Ed Sheeran does this a lot. If you were called to play on stage with a band and unfortunately the extra guitarist does not show up, what will you do in that instance, especially if you do not have a backing track or there is no time to set up one? A looper pedal is likely your only and best option to cover up for your missing guitarist and still deliver that rich sound.

Good for practice

It’s difficult to get another guitarist to play something over and over again for you while you improvise on a solo or over a pre-recorded section, get new ideas or add other licks to the song; it’s going to be completely boring and tiring for them, but with a looper, it is easy, you’ll have no need for another guitarist, just set your loop and let it play over and over again while you practice until you get your desired results.

Helps you work on your rhythm and master timing

A looper pedal is easy to use, but you must get the perfect timing, your timing can neither be too early nor too late or else it will mess up the whole thing. Using a looper pedal often will get you accustomed to mastering timing over time, even if you are not using a metronome.

Improves your songwriting game

Using a looper pedal makes it easier for you to put your ideas together; it is easy to forget a tune or a melody after you have moved on to the next, but with a looper pedal you can save whatever you do inside its memory while thinking of or writing other parts of your song. As you progress, you can keep recording them layer by layer and deleting unwanted parts until you get what you want.

Easier to use than a DAW

DAW means Digital Audio Workstation, it is a computer software that enables you to carry out music production, recording and sound engineering, it takes more time to learn how to loop tracks back-to-back on a software than on a pedal; with a pedal all you need to do is to press the switch to start recording and press it again right on time to stop recording, it is more complicated than that with a software.

The functions of a looper pedal are priceless, try one out and see how much your playing will improve. P.S: Incase you have a looper pedal and do not know how to work your way around it, I made a lesson on YouTube of how to sound great using a looper pedal.

Or click here https://youtu.be/aJ1WH4d4Mgc

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