About Helen Ibe

Helen Ibe | Guitarist | Song writer | Performing artist | Humanitarian.

Judging by the lilt in her soft spoken voice one could almost be forgiven for assuming they were in the presence of a regular woman. She cuts the persona of understatement and humility to verge on the extreme, but behind this curtain of modesty lies an absolutely brilliant and incredibly passionate guitarist, seasoned performer, song writer, trainer and Humanitarian.

Meet Helen Ibe, Nigeria’s finest female professional guitarist, writer and performing artist {@Helen_ibe}. A commercial model and passionate Humanitarian. You could once again be forgiven to think we were talking about someone in their 70’s. But at such a young age, Helen has managed to rack up a résumé and portfolio that reads like one belonging to a legendary septuagenarian. It would once again be foolhardy to think she won’t achieve legendary status at her current career trajectory.

Helen Ibe is a versatile guitarist who is in demand as a performer and recording artist for her expressive musicality, technical mastery, and creative approach across musical genres and has a passion for presenting unique concert experiences.

She has established herself as one of Nigeria’s best top classical guitarists, in demand as both a guitarist, song writer and performing artist. Her playing has commanded nationwide recognition and she performs regularly in Lagos and it’s environ and she is a frequent guest at many jazz/guitar concerts.

The first of three siblings born to middle-class Christian parents, brought up by a single parent, raised in sprawling city of Lagos, Helen didn’t share the usual ambitions of kids her age. Being a Doctor, Banker or Engineer was the usual career sing-song everyone chorused. She dreamt of
being a singer and a great entertainment mogul who would use her works to touch people’s
lives. Ironic, because she grew up a rather very shy and reserved teenager, one of the reasons
being because she is the first and a female child.


“Her love for music prompted her to write her own songs very early in life and she attended a month Music training school. She graduated, bought her own guitar and other recording equipment. She has seven years professional experience as a Guitarist.”

She started music officially in 2017 and since she
has stayed relevant, having performed in different
concerts and conferences.


  • A business case could be made for backing a growing individual brand like that of Helen Ibe Judging by her prowess in the music space, her pedigree and determination in achieving her set goals. She also instinctively has that one key attribute all successful brands must possess to stay afloat in the face of competition — iteration.
  • Helen Ibe is instinctively dynamic with her career path. Never one to be easily satisfied with her own laurels, what is constantly motivated to exceed her own goals.
  • What motivates Miss Helen transcends money. This can be seen in many of her upcoming projects. Many of which are large-scale projects that would be capital and Labour intensive.
  • She has also shown a huge ability to micromanage multiple roles and start-ups simultaneously. This is a key trait required of any growing brand. To be able to achieve sustainable brand presence in more than area of specialization is no small feat and Helen has shown she has both the ability and determination to do anything she sets her mind to.
  • In just her mid-twenties, Helen still has a lot of career mileage left in her. Backing a growing brand with her intended reach in media, entertainment and philanthropy would be a medium and long term investment that would most certainly pay off.


  • A very successful and professional Female guitarist, songwriter and performer
  • She is a successful guitar trainer/coach
  • She is intelligent, strong, driven & extremely beautiful millennial woman who has a love and deep passion for her work and dreams
  • She is a private reserved persona who does not give in to media razzmatazz
  • She is passionate about women and girls’ development in the society, as well as the mental and emotional health of women.
  • She is very focused and not given to the slights of stardom
  • She has high ambitions and a quick iterative mind to target new opportunities and grow from them
  • She is a philanthropist who has been working with women through the Helen Ibe Hope outreach programs in Nigeria and she recently started her online NGO about people and widows dealing with depression. Her vision is to expand this help and awareness in Nigeria and Africa at large with her music.


Considering her profile, pedigree, existing support base and vast brand expansion plans, we strongly believe that Helen Ibe career trajectory can only be in the upward trend. This makes her a prime candidate for brand endorsements and sponsorships. The various data points available also suggest the same. The recommendations made in this report are all geared towards optimizing that engagement with the new Nigerian market she plans to enter into and dominate in the not-too-distant future. Her personal drive to see all of her projects through, and in the most professional manner as well must not go without an additional mention. This trait, coupled with her vast network of contacts in the media, the world of television and fashion gives her a fantastic platform upon which to grow in the Nigerian industry and beyond. It therefore makes her a very viable brand investment candidate.