Every musician cherishes quality recording time and having it as many times as possible is a very much welcome idea. Instead of running to the studio every time you want to practice, record a song, make a video, etc., you can now do that from the comfort of your home, of course a professional recording studio has plenty of gear and equipment and may leave you wondering “omg! I would need a fortune to set up something like this for my music recording”. Naah! You do not need all that much setup before you can get a decent sound, all you need is some basic and important gear to get you started. Do no know what to start up with? That’s fine! Check out this other article for a list of what you’ll need to set up your home studio. Even if you’re working with a budget, there are still quality and affordable gear that you can save up, buy and get started! Best part about having a home studio is that you do not necessarily need a huge space to set up, you can even set up right in your bedroom!

The comfort of having your own home studio cannot be overemphasized; it is really something every musician should plan or look forward to doing. There are lots of advantages to it, let’s have a look at seven of them:

1.      Helps you avoid the risk of moving your equipment from place to place

Every musician definitely knows that moving equipment from one place to another depreciates the life span of that equipment. Having a home studio will help you minimize this risk and reduce the stress of carrying or transporting heavy gear from home to car to studio and all the way back from studio to car to home every time you wanna practice or record music. Let’s even assume you do not have a car, that includes an extra cost of cab hire for you on a daily or weekly basis or as many times as you have need for a recording studio. What better way to save cost of transportation, the stress of packing and unpacking, as well as preserving your gear than to have a home studio.

2.     Saves you cost

Professional standard recording studios charge per hour or per session depending on the location and their prices range between $250 – $500 per session (which is usually 8 hours). Let’s make our rough calculations using $250. Now, let’s assume you practice and record twice a week, that gives us $500, the studio manager is such a kind man and gives you a discount, asking you to pay $400 per week. For a full month, you’re gonna be spending nothing less than $1600 (excluding the cost of transportation), and by the time the year is over, your expenses on studio sessions should be totaling nothing less than $19k. That’s an outrageous amount to just give away when you can achieve what you’re paying to get by yourself…and more!

3.     Saves you the stress of having to go out all the time

Honestly, I find it hard and stressful sometimes having to prepare, put myself in order and step out, that feeling even gets worse when I think about sitting in traffic! I don’t know if anyone else feels like me. Having a home studio lets you do music from the comfort of your home; creativity can hit you at any time and the moment it does, it’s more beneficial to record your ideas instantly, a home studio gives you the advantage of doing that. If you wish, you can work into the midnight or you can work when the day just breaks, you’ll not be disturbing anyone (provided your home studio is sound-proofed), but you do not have the leverage of working that early or that late in a professional outdoor studio (although there are some exceptions as some studios accept overnight recordings, but they often come with extra charges).

4.    Provides a great opportunity to learn and get better at music production

You may not get it right at first when you set up your own home studio, but with time, you get to learn and explore more complexities in music recording and production. I’m a very big testifier to this; when I just set up my studio and started out practicing and making my YouTube videos, my sound was unfiltered, unclear and really rough around the edges, but as time went on, I found better ways of setting up, finding my perfect tone and making my overall production neater. Every time you get a sound engineer to make or record your music for you, you deny yourself the opportunity of getting better at learning it. I’m not saying to disregard professional input in setting up and all of that, but sometimes, no one may be there to guide you through, you just have to figure things out by yourself.

5.     You can take your time until you get the perfect sound you want

Remember that in a professional studio, you pay per hour or per three hours (depending on how they run their business) and with this consciousness in mind, you would want to do everything in a hurry whether the result turns out perfect or not because you subconsciously keep reminding yourself that your time will soon be up and you’ll be required to pay for every extra time you spend. Having a home studio gives you a relaxed mind to work without fear of constantly being reminded “you have about 45 minutes left sir”. In your own studio, you can take all the time you want to practice, rehearse, make videos or do whatever you want to do until you feel it is perfect and ready to be heard.

6.     It serves as another source of income

Having your own home recording studio prompts you to buy your own gear bit by bit and this is a worthy investment that will pay off over time as it is an awesome way to make yourself some money, you can rent it out to friends and colleagues to jam or make their own music for a much more discounted price than other studios will charge. With the little extra cash that you make from your studio, you can use it to maintain your equipment, buy some more, replace some cables and keep the place conducive and in order at all times.

7.     More time to practice and rehearse

You’ll need a lot of time to rehearse as a band or a performing solo artist. Booking studio sessions will not give you enough time you need to master your performance. But with your own home studio, you can invite the band over and practice as much as you want to, plus it will give you more time for your personal rehearsals; when you think about the cost of going to a professional studio to practice, you’re often laid back but having where to practice whenever you like boosts your zeal and passion to practice even more and get better at your craft.

Small space? Not to worry, I have a small space too, watch my studio tour video on YouTube to see how I set up my home studio and included three different ‘scenes’ – all in my small space!

Or click here https://youtu.be/KABPtlw8BK8

Don’t think too much about it. Make the most with what you have. Start building your own home studio today!

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