It’s easy to get lost in the guitar market especially as a beginner. When buying a guitar, a lot needs to be put into consideration so you don’t end up with regrets halfway into your beginner’s journey. Let’s consider some steps to follow in buying your first beginner guitar:

  • Choose the type of guitar that interests you (acoustic or electric): This is totally up to you, it’s a decision you have to make solely, you have to decide if you want an acoustic or electric guitar. Its easy to learn the guitar with an acoustic, there are no complex settings, looks or sounds, all you get is just a simple, crisp, clear and loud sound that’s produced from the sound hole in the guitar (unlike the electric guitars). In buying your first guitar, there is no right or wrong, all that matters is just what you’re interested in. Just incase you still cannot tell which one interests you, take a quick look at your guitar role models and their different genres of, look at the kind of guitars they use, this would give you a better idea on what to settle for.
Different guitars for different genres
  • Decide the style and shape of the guitar.
    Pick your unique style, colour or shape that you think will best suit you; this choice is more available to those going for an electric guitar because there are very few styles and versatility amongst acoustic guitars, compared to the electric guitar counterparts. Dreadnought acoustics for example are big and loud and may be uncomfortable for smaller players like children while smaller acoustics like the parlour style guitars are smaller, best for children and are designed to be played sitting. If you settle for an acoustic, check out the different types we have and see which one best suits you, if you settle for an electric guitar, also do the same. Just make sure you pick a guitar that’s attractive you you, because the more it attracts you to look at, the more likely you are to pick it up and play.
choose the colour and style that suits you best
  • How much are you willing to spend on your first guitar?
    A very important question! Make a resolve on a particular amount you are willing to spend and determine to keep to that resolution. If you do not map out your budget before going to the guitar store, you might end up spending much more than you bargained for upon seeing a fanciful, colourful, stylish and definitely more expensive guitar. Start off with a cheaper guitar and if in time you haven’t gotten bored of the instrument or given up yet, then you can build up your savings and go for that more stylish, “branded” and more expensive guitar you so desire.
do not buy a very expensive guitar as a beginner
  • See the guitar face-to-face before you buy.
    As much as online market has dominated the world today, I still recommend seeing your guitar in person before buying, this helps you to assess the guitar components, looks, colour, style and listen to what it actually sounds like real-life. Simply put, it makes you “feel” the guitar before buying it. Sometimes what you see online and order can be completely different from what would be delivered to your doorstep and some of these products could come with a “non-return policy” or “non-refundable policy”, leaving you with a truck load of regrets at the end of the day.
see it in person before you buy
  • Buy accessories like spare strings and guitar maintenance packs.
    After buying your guitar, make sure you buy extra accessories like pick ups, straps, tuners, cables, plectrums/picks, screw driver, cleaning fluid, soft cloth or fluffy brush etc, this gives you a good reminder to care for your guitar, clean it often, service it and change the strings whenever they get worn out. If your guitar doesn’t come with a bag or a stand, you can buy one for it (if you can afford it)
be sure to have spare strings and other maintenance accessories

Remember, you’ll never forget your first guitar, it marks the beginning of your journey so make sure you do everything possible to choose the perfect one?

  1. The second consideration when purchasing an electric guitar for beginners is the sound quality. Some instruments are tuned better than others, especially when it comes to the sound quality of the instrument. If you have never purchased an electric guitar before, it might be a good idea to try some of the popular brands first. to see which ones have the best sound quality.

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