One of the best emotions or feelings to ever be in existence is LOVE. Poets, writers, singers, actors, painters, sculptors and virtually every other profession of art finds a way to express this beautiful feeling one way or another through their craft. It feels great to feel love – and even greater to have the ability to express it to one whom you think is deserving of it.

You don’t have to be a guitar god or hero before you can express love by singing and playing the guitar. Even if you have no intentions of taking up the guitar as a career, there are easy guitar love songs that you can learn for a few days or weeks after learning the basic chords and other basic fundamentals of course, then you can dump the guitar again once your aim has been achieved (although it will be very hard to?).

Everyone knows I find love songs irresistible, so I’ve compiled 15 of my favourite easy guitar love songs that you can learn to play to impress your better half or your crush? Click on the blue arrow to direct you to the chords.

You’re still the one – Shania Twain

This Grammy award-winning evergreen pop song was written by Shania Twain in 1998 to shush those who were criticizing her for having a relationship with a man who was 16 years older than she was – Robert John Lange. The song has deep lyrics of reassurance to a dearly beloved significant other and hey, I’m no relationship expert but if your relationship is shaky or going through a phase of doubt, criticism or insecurity, Twain’s lyrical composition of ‘still the one’ should be among your repertoire of love songs to learn. The chords are easy, a total beginner can catch on really quick and the tempo is quite slow, the strumming pattern is super easy too. Just flow with it.


Perfect – Ed Sheeran

This song will set the ‘mushy’ ball rolling in any wedding ceremony, anniversary or celebration of love – it is a perfect song for a perfect partner. Ed is a great love song writer and ‘perfect’ is a song that talks about how he lost his love many years ago only to meet her again after such a long time and realize that she’s perfect for him


All of me – John Legend

John Legend is one powerful male singer that has been around for some time now. The lyrics of his award winning “all of me” was written as a love letter to the woman he was deeply in love with, Chrissy Teigen, his fiancé at that time, now his wife; it still sends shivers down the spines of lovers professing love to their significant other. It captures a clear description of love in spite of flaws and imperfections and it’s an easy song to play on the guitar. Main chords used here are Em, C, D, G, Am, C/D and are all easy to play, just make sure you hit the right notes.


Can’t help falling in love – Elvis Presley

This beautiful 1961 ballad by Elvis Presley is one of the best love songs of all time. It is a romantic song that is not difficult to play on any stringed instrument; there is no rush as the tempo is very slow (72BPM), giving you ample time to change chords swiftly without any mess. The melody is so beautiful and if you have a voice like Elvis Presley, you may just be able to get any girl you want!


You are my sunshine – Jimmie Davis

This 1939 country song by Jimmie has been covered by various musicians including Johnny Cash. The beautiful melody along with the lyrics that you can understand and relate with, is what makes this song among some of the best simple love songs you can add to your list to express your profound love to your beloved one.


Stay with me – Sam Smith

Sam Smith’s “stay with me” is a rather sadder tale of a love song. It narrates the story of how he had a one-night stand and knows within him that one-night stands do not work especially for him, and the girl did not love him, but he took a rather particular interest to this girl and begs that she stays with him. It has a sweet melody and it’s not difficult to play and sing along simultaneously. The main chords you need here for a simpler version of this song are G, F, Am, D, C.


Stand by me – Ben E. King

Very soulful R&B song capable of piercing through the heart of anyone. It’s easy and straightforward, has simple chords that any complete beginner can learn quickly, everyone can sing along as it is easy to grove to and the tempo is moderate. Beautiful song to dedicate to any friend or loved one.


Fallin’ – Alicia Keys

Recorded and released in 2001, this song won three Grammy awards and has been covered by other musicians. In this song, Alicia perfectly describes the highs and lows of falling in love; there are only two chords needed to master this song and an easy strumming pattern. Enjoy the glow on your lover’s face as you play this song for them.


Someone like you – Adele

‘Someone like you’ is a combination of beauty and sadness in one song. The singer captures the deep meaning of how someone she once loved left her and the regrets of not finding anyone else to replace him. It is a popular song, its lyrics are well known for everyone to sing along with you or for you to perform and sing along by yourself, beautiful catchy melody and easy-to-learn strumming pattern.


Wonderful tonight – Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton’s 1977 ballad ‘wonderful tonight’ was written about Pattie Boyd, it makes for a special night out or special event with your significant other. Look into their eyes and direct this soulful song to their hearts, be assured that you’ll capture their attention and win their love forever. It’s really simple for every beginner to play and it has chords that can be changed easily, there is no hurry at all as it has a rather slow tempo.


Just the way you are – Bruno Mars

The lyrics of this song is so romantic alongside Bruno Mars’ captivating voice. It sends a direct message to your beautiful partner telling them exactly how you feel about them and how perfectly they fit into your world. The tempo is played at 110 BPM with only three chords which makes it easy for you to focus more on the right lyrics and winning the heart of your beloved.


I’m yours – Jason Mraz

This song is one of everyone’s fave, including mine, it has such bright and lively reggae melody and has some form of fun and humour in its lyrics. It’s perfect for carefree couples who just want to explore the world together and it’s quite danceable too; if it’s possible to sing along, play and dance with your partner, I can only imagine the amount of fun you both would have.


Ain’t no sunshine – Bill Withers

This classic song by Bill Withers is a poetic and direct approach of love expression, it carries the same heartfelt expression of the lack of sunshine which means warmth and joy just like Jimmie Davis’ ‘you are my sunshine’. It’s easy to play with 4 beginner open chords.


Watch my cover of John Mayer’s cover of this song???

Stuck on you – Lionel Richie

Lionel Richie’s 1984 ‘stuck on you’ is a song that professes undying love, it talks about sticking to a partner till the end; it’s a heart-melting song that I personally enjoy playing everytime. It is beginner friendly and easy to sing and play along.


Watch my cover of this beautiful song???

I’d rather go blind – Etta James

The lyrics of this song is stemmed from a jealous partner and is rather serious, but it just shows how much you mean ‘business’ with your partner. I don’t think Etta meant to literally go blind because she saw her man with another lady – or maybe she did, lol. The song carries a gentle soothing rhythm, the chords are so simple – only two chords are involved, this gives you a chance to add some more vocal solos to spice up the song.


Watch my cover of I’d rather go blind/Tennessee Whiskey, guitar solo???

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